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Bridal Booking FAQ's

We know that wedding planning can be exhausting! Here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions. To be directed to our staff to answer any other questions you can 


How many people in my bridal party can you or your team handle for services?

There is a 5 to 10 person max. for one service per bridal party without assistance. If your bridal party exceeds 10 people or requires more than one service, an additional fee will be charged. Management is required to hire a Star Studio affiliated Beauty Professional. *Pricing may vary when assistance is required and will be specified in your final quote and customized contract.


How should my bridal party and I prep our hair for my wedding day services?

Your hair should be pre-wash, condition and blow dried for styling on the day of your wedding. *Hair prepping services may be available at the salon the day before -  but must be scheduled in advance and will incur a separate charge.


Is there an up-charge if my bridal party participant(s) would like hair extensions?

If a bridal party participant would like extensions YES there is an additional cost for purchasing extensions. if your bridal party participant decides to provide their own extensions there is NO up charge when styling only however to install, there is a salon service fee for all extension install services.


How should I (we) prep my skin for my wedding day?

You and your bridal party should arrive with recently cleansed faces. You may apply a light moisturizer based on your skin type. However, primer and setting products will be applied by the artist. Should you have sensitivity to any ingredients and/or products please discuss that in advance with us. You and your bridal party are welcome to provide your own personal foundation for any allergy related issues or preferences. (Pricing is not adjusted for bringing your own products.) 


Are lashes included in my makeup services? Does the price decrease if I do not want lashes? Can I (we) bring our preferred lashes?

Lashes are included with your makeup services. The price is not adjusted if you or a bridal party participant does not prefer lashes. You or your guests can bring preferred lashes if desired. (Pricing is not adjusted for bringing your own lashes.) 


What type of lashes are included? Is there an upcharge? 

Ardell Double Wispy lashes are our preferred and included lash brand/style. Sheena's Collection 3D lashes are included for the bride only. However, 3D mink lashes are an up charge and can be provided by request.


Is there a separate charge for my makeup and hair consultation/trial? Is it mandatory for me to book a consultation/trial?

Makeup and hair trials are available but not mandatory. Both services are the same price unless they are combined. Please see Bridal Booking Details page for more information.

Is a deposit required to book my consultation / trial appointment?

You will need to pay a deposit to book your consultation/trial appointment. Your remaining balance is due on the day of your appointment. Please see Bridal Booking Details page for more information.


Are any of my wedding deposits refundable and/or transferable?

Security deposits are to secure your wedding date and time. Your deposit is non-refundable but can be transferable if the wedding date has to change. Your deposit is not included in your total quote for any other service and/or bridal package. *Please review your contract details for more information.

Not seeing your question or answer? Please contact our team via email. We are happy to help! 


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